Barwa Motor City

Salwa Road, Doha, Qatar

Madinat Al Mawater is a Barwa Real Estate development where the vision is to create a holistic master plan that presents a value add to the used car dealership community so that the relocation of the dealers is received with enthusiasm and eagerness.

The site covers 115 hectares and is located to the north of Salwa Road. The development is envisioned to be anchored by used car dealer showrooms that are currently distributed throughout Doha in unplanned clusters.

The proposed architectural character and language of the development takes its inspiration from the idea of creating a so called “kit of parts” that can be combined and interchanged so as to create varied and unique building façade outcomes while still maintaining certain design guidelines that unite the entire project.

The showrooms of the used car dealers will be supported by connected uses and activities associated with the purchase and sale of used cars such as workshops, spare part shops, government agencies, vehicle inspection facilities, and car storage areas supported by white collar and labour accommodation, community facilities, and hospitality.

The matter of scalability and efficient developmental implementation is central to both the overall planning and architecture of Madinat Al Mawater. The master plan is conceived as four districts or quarters each formed of two urban blocks that accommodate a combination of 400m², 800m² and 1,000m² showroom plots, car storage areas, and workshops that are accessed via a perimeter road or internal loop road to increase plot visibility.

The master plan includes a sixth district to the north with additional showrooms, workshops and car storage with labour accommodation forming a physical buffer between the proposed truck parking plot.

In addition to the showrooms and supporting facilities the master plan proposes an entertainment district to the south west that is envisaged to include car related leisure activities including go-karting, race track, 4WD track, BMX track.

Client: Barwa Real Estate Co.

Location: Salwa Road, Doha, Qatar

Plot area: 1,150,000m²

Scope: Masterplan, Infrastructure, Engineering and Architectural Design, Cost Management, Tender Documentation

Status: Under Design Stage

Collaboration: Stantec