For many years, AEB and IJAE have been providing cultural and historical heritage services that address individual development and project needs. We have been involved in the ongoing documentation, conservation and rehabilitation of heritage sites and buildings in Qatar.

Beyond the production of plans, drawings, photographs, virtual reconstructions and other materials of the highest standard, we aim to provide innovative sustainable and re-integrative strategies and design solutions with the latest adaptive re-use methods. Our heritage consulting, planning, building survey, assessment and management services can be tailored to meet any project requirements. We take pride in providing high standard heritage consultancy and services to our clients through our specialized team.


  • Safety and Risk Assessment for Heritage Buildings and Historical Sites.
  • Detail Documentation and Architectural Survey for Heritage Building and Historical Sites.
  • Heritage Management Plan.
  • Tourism Development Plan.
  • Conservation and Rehabilitation for Heritage Buildings.
  • Project Supervision for Heritage Buildings and Historical Sites.
  • Heritage Safeguard Strategies and Guidelines.
  • Provide Research and Historical Content.
  • Heritage Consultancy.
  • Renovation and Restoration.
  • Museums and Exhibitions Display Design.


AEB and IJAE work with various government bodies in Qatar to influence and develop pioneering heritage policies and practices that contributed in:

  • Preserving the Qatari architectural identity.
  • Introducing new preservation and rehabilitation methods.
  • Showcasing the heritage of Qatar with innovative design solutions.
  • Providing new adaptive re-use with new materials and technologies.


Our specialized team includes all the experts needed to thoroughly investigate, report, design, supervise and provide innovative adaptive solutions related to cultural and historical heritage. We have delivered expert results for small and large private developers as well as government entities offering the best practice, cost effective and heritage regulation compliant solutions to deliver our projects.


As one of the first consultants that provides heritage services in Qatar, we can offer the best consultation and advice on cultural and historical, indigenous and non-indigenous heritage. We help our clients to navigate the legal, technical and practical aspects of heritage planning and management so they understand all options through every stage of the project.

” We strive to preserve and revive the vernacular architecture with adaptive and innovative methods “