QELA Pop-up Store

Doha, Qatar

AEB developed the concept design for the planned pop-up store in Villaggio for the ultra-exclusive Qatar’s first international homegrown luxury brand, QELA.

The brand is a reflection of its name: QELA expresses quality, femininity, refinement, authenticity, but also refers to Qatar and its roots with the same initial.

Characterized by classic lines and understated Arabic influences, QELA products are designed for women with a sense of modesty who value the quality of fine craftsmanship and precious materials. QELA offers a sober collection, almost minimalist, with pure forms and generous volumes inspired by the curves of the desert.

Keeping in line with brand characteristics and building on the design of the existing store at The Pearl, AEB developed a concept design that is light and transparent yet luxurious in its essence. Inspired by local elements of sand dunes and pearls, the design of the store is fluid and intuitive to the customers.

QELA speaks of fashion, but also of the history of the generation from which it has emerged. QELA speaks of time, of the passion and the patience required to master the old techniques of leatherwork, jewelry, shoes and couture and at the same time QELA embraces an ultra-connected world as the unique new luxury brand of the XXI century.

QELA’s Flagship on The Pearl lays the foundation for an ambitious vision and the Villaggio Pop-up store will be a milestone in Doha before traveling across the region.


Client: Qatar Luxury Group

Location: Doha, Qatar

Built up area: 100m²

Scope: ID & Supervision

Status: Design Completed