Msheireb Heritage Quarters

Mshereib, Doha, Qatar

In addition to Architect of Record (AOR) and Construction Supervision Consultancy services, our firm was also asked to offer Qatari Traditional Architecture services for the Heritage Quarters at the Msheireb development. Besides the as-built surveys for the existing heritage houses the team carried out extensive research works and provided an input on the traditional architectural design and construction methods.

Over the years, the firm has acquired extensive knowledge and understanding for the design to engage with the local climate and materials. However, in its designs our firm expresses its deep understanding that innovative design is based on traditional principles which define the modern Qatari architectural identity.

Heritage Quarters consists of 4 traditional houses located within the oldest part of the capital, just opposite of the Souq Waqif, enveloped by the new national archive building. Preserving and re-interpreting Qatari heritage was central to the restoration works carried out.

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As with firm’s other projects, their designs is fully integrated into the city’s social and cultural fabric and respects architectural traditions without compromising innovation. The houses were restored and converted into four museums, each with its own unique look and a story: Radwani House, Company House, Mohammed Bin Jassim House and Bin Jelmood House.

The museums, which formally opened in 2015 showcase culturally, socially and ethically relevant issues and engage the public in participating in a number of programs related to the exhibitions on display.

Currently the firm is also engaged as project manager for the design and supervision of 8 temporary exhibitions planned for the museums.

Client: Mshereib Properties

Location: Mshereib, Doha, Qatar

Scope: Traditional Architecture Advisory, Architect of Record, Construction Supervision

Status: Completed (2015)

Collaboration: John McAslan + Partners