Marina Residential Tower

Lusail, Qatar
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This development is situated in Lusail Marina District with a build-up area of 32,000m². The development comprises of 22 levels of residential units with a multipurpose hall, swimming pool and a gymnasium.

Aesthetically, the design is inspired by sea crustacean and barnacles. The understanding of the morphology had evolved into architectural features that had taken precedence in conforming the aesthetics and space planning, thus having the building façade in an irregular hatched pod-like design. Enhancing traditional features with a contemporary twist to the façade treatment gives more merit to the local context of Lusail. With careful planning of the residential units, the structure is designed with high efficiency; a manageable grid with simple coordination of mechanical systems.

The aim of the architectural design is to ensure a functional, coordinated and aesthetically pleasing residential building. It is also important to identify the design intent for the building, clarifying all requirements have been met both internally and externally with a necessary residential design output which satisfies the client’s, authority and end users requirements. The design has taken a significant consideration for sustainability and green energy. This was also a major factor to gain high rating of GSAS assessment by Gulf Organisation for Research and Development (GORD). The project has attained a four star GSAS rating and therefore will contribute a higher market value for the client and developer.

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Client: Al Namaa Real Estate Development Co.

Location: Lusail, Qatar

Built up area: 32,000m²

Floors: B + G + 20F + P

Scope: Design & Supervision

Status: Completed (2020)