Embassy of Qatar in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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The site is located within a diplomatic precinct where all new embassies shall be located. Our site is on the highest position of the hillock and is marked by a sweeping panoramic view of the Putrajaya District. The plot is in most part sitting on a slopping ground and we have taken advantage of these site forces to begin the massing process.

The embassy and Ambassador Residence shall reflect a modern contemporary expression of Qatari traditional architecture within the context of tropical climate. Furthermore, the site of Putrajaya is marked by multitude of architectural vocabulary taking after various Islamic architectural references. It is a statement that we have to respond to with more reflection on the context than mere reproduction.

The design is a display of contextual adaptability and integration, yet remaining strong in its original essence as representative of a strong identity. Arches, parapet wall details, geometrical patterns, window treatments and proportions adhere to traditional design characteristics. However, certain added elements like the sun shading devices interprate the traditional lines in a stylistic manner, using local materials. Courtyards are present in alternate with indoor spaces as traditionally done yet with a twist in detailing to achieve adaptable spaces to the local tropical climate.

The planning has to deal with the question of security and segregation of different level of entrances. The space planning is also dealing with delicate balance and interlocking between secured and public zones. Ambassador’s Residence, at the adjacent lot of the Embassy forms continuity of the general language reflected in the embassy. Again, separation between private and public reception areas in this formal residence is to be achieved while keeping it harmoniously interconnected.

Finally, what had been manifested here is an interesting story of architectural voyage where cultural exchange and evolution process never ends.

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Qatar

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Floors: B + G + 1F

Components: Embassy Building & Ambassador’s Residence

Scope: Design & Supervision

Status: Completed

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