KPJ Pahang Specialist Hospital

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

KPJ has medical centers in major areas across Malaysia – stretching from Johor in the south to Penang in the North, and also includes Klang Valley and Ipoh and East Malaysia.

AEB’s office in Kuala Lumpur proposed an original interior concept that drew upon Pahang’s landscape and heritage to develop a language for the building’s usage. The design idea revolved around the concept based on the rainforest. Rainforest covers around two thirds of the state, and Malaysian rainforests are among the oldest in the world, estimated to be roughly 130 million years old. The “tree of life” is the core of the design intent. Basic tree anatomy was used implementing shapes and patterns for the design. The interiors colors of KPJ Pahang hospital tell a story of a healing tree which travels through spaces in a progressive sequence as we move from the root to the far extreme of a branch.

The color scheme moves upwards where the ground floor is conceived in browns and the upper floors change to green and grey colors, moving from the soil and roots, to the leaves and sky.

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