Movenpick Hotel Al Aziziyah Doha

Doha, Qatar

This unique hotel building is located in close proximity to the ASPIRE sport city in Al Waab area. The detailing and metered, rhythmic facades of the building project an elegant presence while complementing its surrounding.

The length of the three-story structure is broken into a series of smaller elements which with its pattern and rhythm create a focal point in the area. The building resembles the forefronts of traditional structures found in some major European cities, and projects unique image to its tenants who are targeted as international sportsmen and athletes.

Client: Sports City

Location: Doha, Qatar

Built up area: 16,917m²

Floors: B + G + 3F

Scope: Design & Supervision

Cost: QR 150 M

Status: Completed (2011)

Interior Design: J/BRICE Design Int’l. – USA

ID Management: AEB